To become a bridge between your success and ideal goal, there is a consulting which only we can provide.
AIMC helps sound corporate management and growth through support of the internal audit, accounting and information system department.


Consulting Services for Accounting Department

Consulting Service for Expediting Financial Closing Processes
This service is designed to expedite financial closing processes. We analyze both operational and information technology points of view to clarify issues to improve the financial closing processes in order to accomodate stakeholders' requests.
Consulting Service for IFRS Application
This service is designed to develop financial closing processes in accordance with IFRS. We support for IFRS application, including the preparation of accounting policies, implementation of IT systems, creation of operations manual, and personnel training.
Consulting Service for Listing on NASDAQ
This service is designed to provide assistance in accounting matters for listing on NASDAQ. We translate required documents on the PBC list from auditors, create financial statements in accordance with US-GAAP, and respond to auditors.
Outsourcing Service for Accounting/Financial Closing Processes
This service is designed to undertake accounting operations, for example, year-end closing processes, consolidated accounting, debt/credit management, fixed asset management, and so on. We are capable of handling not only J-GAAP, but also IFRS and US-GAAP.

Consulting Services for Internal Audit Department

Consulting Service for Internal Audit Department of Newly Listed Companies
This service is for newly established internal audit department which is starting to deal with internal audit and/or J-SOX. We support widely from starting-up internal audit department to becoming a listed company.
Outsourcing Service for Establishment and Assessment of Internal Controls (J-SOX)
This service is to undertake/represent establishment and assessment of internal controls in compliance with Japanese internal control reporting system (J-SOX). We assist in managing a series of J-SOX related regulatory including the preparation of Narrative, Flow Chart, RCM, and assessment working paper, and assessment of establishing and operating internal controls.
Outsourcing Service for Domestic/Overseas Internal Audit
This service is to undertake domestic and overseas internal audit. We design to help a series of operations, including establishment of audit plans, audits (visit site as necessary) and audit reporting from the department audit to cross-sectional target audits of domestic and overseas offices.
Consulting Service for Efficiency of J-SOX Assessment
This service is to improve efficiency and save labor for J-SOX assessment of internal audit department. We help to improve/change for the range of internal control assessment and/or assessment methods/topic. Also, we assist in promoting labor-saving and mitigating the work of internal audit department.

Consulting Services for Information Technology Department

Consulting Service for IT Grand Design Development
This service is to define basic concept of corporate system/IT investment plan, and assist in developing IT grand design. We help to prepare IT investment strategy, overall picture of target system, roadmap, and analyze quantitative/qualitative effect caused by investment.
Consulting Service for RFI/RFP Preparation and System Selection
This support service is to prepare RFI(Request for Information)/RFP(Request for Proposal) and select appropriate systems. We analyze the current operation, and define the background of considered system and proposal based on clients' request by sorting out essentials for the system.
Consulting Service for System Implementation
This service is to support the project of ERP and package system implementation. We help to assist and implement a series of operational education from teaching definition of system requirement, parameter setting, master registration, data transfer, and user test.
Outsourcing Service for IT Operation/Maintenance
This service is to undertake/represent IT system operation/maintenance service. On behalf of client's information system department, we become a system administrator and perform system operation and maintenance.

Consulting Services for All Departments

Consulting Service for Process Standardization
This service is designed to develop standardized/universal operational structures. We support in building standardized processes, improving employees' skills, optimizing operational structures, and eliminating duties that rely on individual efforts in order to perform error-free operation.
Consulting Service for Process Automation
This service is designed to improve operational efficiency and process automation by leveraging IT solutions, including RPA and AI-OCR. We assist in automating simple tasks including repetitive or frequent manual operation by utilizing computers.
Consulting Service for Process/Task Mining System Implementation
This service is designed to support the implementation of a process/task mining system to visualize business processes and tasks. The system enables to create business flow charts automatically by utilizing log data from the core system and individual personal computers.
Consulting Service for Budget Management System Implementation
This service is designed to support the implementation of a budget management system. Many companies still face issues while using Excel files to manage their budgets We resolve these issues by utilizing a combination of the system and optimized Excel files.


Name AIM Consulting Co., Ltd.(AIMC)
Established January 2003
President and CEO Toru Okukawa (Certified Public Accountant, Certified Public Tax Accountant)
Capital 25 million yen

Tokyo Office

Toranomon Hills Mori Tower 6F, 1 to 23 Toranomon 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6306, Japan
  • Directly connected to "Toranomon Hills Station" on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
  • Tokyo Metro Ginza Line "Toranomon Station" B2・B3・B4 Exit


Conatct via telephone
Weekday 10:00 - 19:00